Content Management

We coach clients on how to execute great, results-oriented content using WordPress

  • Is your site out of date?
  • Are you tired of paying a fortune to your web designer every time you want to update text on your site?
  • Did the last bid for a full site redesign make you gasp?

The solution to all of those problems is to build (or rebuild) your site using an online content management system such as WordPress, an incredibly popular open-source software being used by more than 200 million sites worldwide.

Why we choose WordPress as the foundation of most sites:

  1. The platform is free and benefits from constant development by millions of users.
  2. Using WordPress speeds up the development process.
  3. Once built, it allows our clients to manage their content independently, online, without the purchase of any additional software.
  4. Future updates to the site’s look, feel, and navigation are made quite easily and cost effectively.
  5. Because WordPress was originally designed as Blog software, it is especially search engine friendly and can incorporate many interactive elements for your “community” of clients, customers, visitors, employees — whoever you’re trying to reach.

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