What is SEO, anyway?! Search Engine Optimization refers to the process used to help your site get found by the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc) without paying the search engine for placement. How is this accomplished? At its most fundamental level, SEO is about developing your site’s content. You must demonstrate to the search engines that your site’s content is unique, fresh (as in recent), high quality, and valued by others. Your site isn’t just a digital brochure — it is a dynamic demonstration of your expertise. By being relevant, constantly adding new organic (natural) content to your website, and staying on top of web development best-practices, you reinforce and continue to improve your reputation with search engines. The number one factor that influences how well you place in the search engines? Links. When your content is so valuable, interesting, engaging and unique that other websites link to you, those links are measured as “popularity votes” or “votes of confidence”.

SEO Audits

Our first recommendation for all clients is that they get a Google Analytics account and embed its tracking code on every page of their sites. This free software collects information on every visitor to your site. Naturally the more data you have,  the better Evergreen Direct can advise you in consultation on how to improve your rankings cost effectively. If you don’t have analytics installed, don’t know how to access your data, or interpret your data get in touch and we’ll assist you on this first very important step.


The site optimization effort requires access to your site’s files and how it progresses really depends upon how well it was designed. If the site hasn’t seen a major update to its code or structure in a while, it will be harder to make an SEO effort effective and efficient. Sometimes, content optimzation is best done hand-in-hand with a site redesign. We can give you a quick assessment of your options, which include:

  • Coaching your current web developer through the SEO effort on your existing site
  • Working with your web developer during a site redesign to ensure SEO success
  • Bringing the entire effort over to Evergreen for redesign and SEO

The SEO effort will include:

  • A focus on application of keyword research to your site’s content
  • Regular addition of new, keyword-rich content
  • Strategically prepared Meta data
  • Blog creation (if needed) and blog coaching
  • Careful effort to increase the volume of inbound links from credible sources

Get in touch today for a complimentary assessment of your site’s SEO status.