Reputation Management

The days of wondering about your brand’s reputation are gone. Conversations about the latest product, catchy ad campaign, or service disaster on the tarmac don’t just happen around the water cooler or golf course anymore. Those conversations are held online via social networking sites, product and service review sites, even via simple comments on the your business’s Google+ page (whether or not you’ve claimed the listing).

  • Have you seen the online conversations about your brand?
  • Are you participating in the conversation?
  • Are managing your brand’s reputation?
  • Have you claimed the online profiles automatically created by Google, Bing, etc?

If you’re not proactively managing your brand’s reputation, you will be left to react to both the good and the bad comments and opinions dispersed throughout the web. We will assess the existing conversation, set up automated systems to notify you of new content about your brand, and guide you through the complex process of influencing the conversation.

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