This is the first in a series of posts exploring our favorite new expression: Nurture Marketing...  That phrase should evoke many images in your mind — and they’re all worth exploring. This concept helps businesses and organizations refocus their marketing efforts from an “it’s about us” attitude to an “it’s about the customer” attitude. In Nurture Marketing, the goal is to offer support and build relationships with the buyers of your products or the users of your services.

Today, we’ll focus on what social media can do for a Nurture Marketing effort. Social media is here to stay. Although the top players may not always be Facebook and Twitter, we can be sure that humans will continue to make use of the best platforms, tools, and vehicles for facilitating social connections. It’s simply human nature.

And you may be asking, “So what? How will this affect my business?” Our firm belief is that the best businesses interact constantly with their customers. The feedback customers offer tells you more about them, more about what changes you might need in your products and services, and helps improve your overall marketing effort.

So, the question is, have you committed any time to setting up profiles on any social media platforms?  Do you know WHERE you should be? Out of the dozens of platforms, here’s a Social Media Grid that might help makes sense of the clutter:

Who Uses It

Nurture Marketing Tactic


Facebook Icon

  • 60% are under age 35
  • 40% are over age 35 [source]
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day [source]
  • 30% earn $60k – $100k
  • 32% earn $100k or more
  1. Set up a Fan Page and regularly post videos that amuse or inspire
  2. Allow users to post their own content – you can even offer prizes
  3. Post  regular “status” updates that are helpful or informative – not just a pitch
  4. Integrate a Twitter stream from more than just the corporate acct – stream influential fans’ tweets, too.

  • 69% are age 35 or older
  • 31% are under age 35
  • 31% earn $60k – $100k
  • 38% earn $100k or more
  1. Make sure your entire leadership team has a profile and it is fully optimized. [Download Hubspot’s eBook. 2 MB pdf]
  2. Recommend colleagues and clients
  3. Ask and answer questions
  4. Log in regularly to nurture your existing connections and find new ones.


  • 58% are ages 13-34
  • 38% are age 35 or older
  • 48% have not attended college
  • 30% earn $100k or more
  1. Tweet about service issues (site will be down, new software versions released, etc.)
  2. Ask questions
  3. Offer tips and tricks your users/clients/buyers can use
  4. Monitor your brand and respond to negative tweets swiftly
  • Who “owns” your social media initiative within your firm?
  • What departments, business units, or approval entities will engage your social media effort?
  • Who is your best copy writer?
  • Who “gets” web strategy on your team?
  • Who knows your customers best?
  • How will you integrate this with the rest of your marketing effort?

Get started today and get in touch if we can help you form your Nurture Marketing strategy.

Amanda and Bob


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